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I promise to stay curious, to keep learning and to keep adapting my practice and my teaching to both my needs and the needs of my students & clients.

I am an experienced teacher who feeds my own enthusiasm for learning and sharing knowledge by doing exactly that. Through relevant cuing, attention to detail and a trained eye, I guide my students on their journey towards a heightened proprioception (the awareness of our body in space) and interoception (the awareness of our internal landscape). I do this with the intention to empower students to move and to live in & to trust their bodies with more confidence and ease.

I draw inspiration from outside traditional yoga asana and pranayama techniques, but always keep in mind the purpose of yoga, which is connection and working towards equanimity, in order to enable us to find joy in all areas of life.


Furthermore, I firmly believe that movement and self-development practices should be fun and sometimes challenging, but never torture. They should lift us up, not tread us down. 

Why yoga?

Yoga came to me in the shape of a hot vinyasa yoga studio in Sheffield. The freedom I experienced from those first classes was completely new to me. To be able to move in a non-judgemental, non-competitive environment and still feel seen, was so new and special. I honestly feel like I spent all the years before yearning for exactly what this practice offered me then and continues to do so now: better connection with myself and the people around me. My practice will be ever-changing and evolving, but lifelong. 

Why breathwork?

Whilst simple pranayama techniques had always been a part of my practice for a while, I was introduced to other breathing practices such as the Wim Hof Method & Conscious Connected breathing later. These breathing practices have empowered and inspired me in many ways. My practice is now very intuitive and broad and, always, nervous-system informed.



MA International Development and Urban Planning, Distinction, University of Sheffield, September 2015, 

200hr Multi-style Yoga Teacher Training, Green Yoga India, Goa, May 2017

35hr Prana Vinyasa - Embodying Nature with Coral Brown, Utrecht, March 2018

3 day Trauma-Informed Yoga for Refugees Training, Yoga Impact Charity, Umbria, October 2018

30hr Injury Management and Prevention Training with Jason Crandell, London, January 2019 

20hr Trauma Center Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Foundational Training, Amsterdam, March 2019

300hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training, AYM School, Rishikesh, January 2020 

20hr Mandala Methodology, Online, The Yoga People, Summer 2022

Foundations of Western Medicine, Shenzhou Academy, September 2021-June 2022

Level 1 20hr Breathwork Biohacker, Breathwork Masterclass, Summer 2022

Level 2 40hr Breathwork Professional, Breathwork Masterclass, October 2022

Foundations of Chinese Medicine, Shenzhou Academy, September 2022 - July 2023

BreathHoldWork Meditation Live Course with Erwan Le Corre, September 2023

Acupuncture 1, Shenzhou Academy, September 2023 - current

Level 3 50hr Masterful Breathcoach, Breathwork Masterclass, December 2023

I am forever grateful to these practices, to my teachers (which include my partner, family, friends and students) and hope to meet you soon.

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